Investing Through Dis-Investing

Window shopping for all those state-of-the-art DVD’s, Home Theatre Systems, HD recorders and all that has always been a fascination for me and will always be, with a firm belief that there are more who actually fish out hefty dollars to be proud owners, unlike me. Being techno-savvy myself, just been carried away by the variety of those hi-tech gizmos and gadgets in the market.

You buy a smart phone today only to be annoyed to hear of the redundancy tomorrow, just because of an applet update. Proudly owning a LED TV, you stop short of words when your neighbor calls you up to give his ‘wealth of detail on his brand new HD 3D TV! Obviously, proud ownership always precedes proud “spending”. Not everyone is aware of the smear caused by the money drain as a resultant, not to speak of the multitude of applets, which really doesn’t serve it’s purpose other than to nurse one’s ego.

The question is, do we actually need full-option gadgets? What purpose do a ‘full-option’ serve? Well, this has to be answered by the proud owners-to-be. Before procuring a gadget, doing a thorough research on the various brands available, along with the price that go for it will do well. Checking with your friends about the performance of the gadget in your mind will only add value. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. Next, identify your basic needs with the gadget you are going to own. If you are an office worker, all those applet rich mobile phones are not for you.

Business people as well as students cannot do without an office applications enabled phone. That way, you will be saving money by identifying your basic needs with the gadget. Obviously, a middle class family can do with a refrigerator that just helps to keep your food fresh than one which can hold beer and whiskey bottles. If the sole purpose of a TV is deciphered, you don’t have to be the proud owner of a HD TV. Money dis-invested wisely is money invested. A full-option car just serves to make you lazy in terms of the electronic windows and steering wheel controls.

Another technique I use to save money is to go shopping with the money meant for the high-end gadget tucked away in my wallet. After settling wisely for the best, I end up with a good balance. I stash it away in a small plastic container and strictly adhere to this procedure for every purchase I make. It is just a matter of time before the container is loaded up to the brim.

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