In Demand – Social Media Manager Jobs

Is it true that business owners are being corralled into Twitter, Facebook et al? C’mon this is a free society, where you can do whatever you like. Do you despise Facebook, Twitter and the like? It’s just for kids isn’t it? Who wants new customers when you’ve got a cool ad in the yellow pages?

Seriously, You use the these methods in your company right? Don’t you know that’s where your target market spends it’s time, in fact it’s by far the best/cheapest method for connecting with them? It’s 2010, and your marketing budget realizes the best ROI by investing in social media.

A great (and under utilized) social site is Amazon dot com. You may not think of it as a social media site? Sure you know them, maybe you should re-visit. One of the ways I ‘fish’ is with video book reviews! Just think of how many millions of folk buy at Amazon. Oh boy!

There are millions of bosses looking for managers to look after their web presence, and relatively few professionals providing this service. So it’s the ideal time to start a new biz as a manager or digital consultant as the demand is monstrous! The good thing is that the learning curve for this ‘job’ can be quite short.

I know of one woman who spent the 18 months growing a social media business from scratch to a bunch of employees providing social media solutions and support for time poor business folk. The business is virtually zero overhead and now makes $10,000 a month! Huge income in times of growth but these days it’s miraculous. The great news is that you can ‘copy & paste’ her system!

The rate of growth of this kind of business is quick because demand is incredibly high. Social media is now THE media, and we’re only just getting started. These are thrilling times in the new online frontier.

Business’ looking for assistance to getting the measure of social media must step with care. Vastly under-qualified “experts” are common te world over. This medium simply doesn’t have enough history for anyone to be deeply knowledgeable, with new sites and the constant changes make this a true challenge for anyone. Begin by monitoring your present media status. Listening isn’t too hard and would be the 1st step. I’d recommend business’ begin the search close to home, and spread from there. You’ll no doubt find someone willing and knowledgeable enough to guide your next step.

Perhaps you’re a social media follower, with genuine skills in online media, if so you may wish to think about a career as a social media manager. You might prefer to launch your own biz and freelance as a consultant and/or manager to clients. There are many quality programs to be found by way if many of the most reliable and professional vendors. When choosing coaching and business products do so carefully and consider the pitfalls as well as the benefits. A 100% money-back guarantee is a must when buying digital products. Many marketers with excellent track records provide top quality products with low monetary risk.

Social media business/jobs are incredibly hot right now. If you are interested in a career in this bright new world then I’d say you’re definitely in the best place, at the best time. So why wait go for it, and enjoy the ride!

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